Roker Beach (first pub. by Obsessed With Pipework)

Powered by the moon
the sea loops seamlessly
waves dull the edge

– that piece of glass
everyone has at heart –
of being separate.

The way you or I remember
it really doesn’t matter;
past the bandstand

primordial waves erode and lift
the stones we walked on
tears and mist.






Originally Published by Obsessed With Pipework, with thanks to Editor Charles Johnson; a version is also in ‘Wish’.

4 thoughts on “Roker Beach (first pub. by Obsessed With Pipework)

    1. Thanks, it was originally published by Charles Johnson, in OWP. Roker beach is a memorable place, and I’m glad it resonates with you. I’m grateful to you for the special attention you have given this piece, and others; in your well written and engaging review of my book. I hope you will let me share it.. and count me in if you would like to do a joint reading at some point. Kat

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      1. Please feel free to use the review as you’d like. A joint reading would be wonderful. I don’t have a specific date for a launch of Fledge as yet, but when I do, I’ll let you know. The only other readings I have on the horizon are The Kittchen at Hawkshead (March 14th) and The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal (March 28th). Occasionally I read in Lancaster at The Storey (last time on December 20th), but if there are poetry events in Preston some time in the future, I’d be happy to travel a bit further south 🙂

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      2. Great, thanks! If there’s a way for me to travel, I’d love to come to your reading events, in Cumbria – such a beautiful place but tricky without a car. I am currently in the process of developing better opportunities for readings here in Preston, so hopefully will be able to organise something good for later this year, will keep you in the loop. How exciting!


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