Street view

A decade gone but here he is
feeding stray cats on the front porch 
where hollyhocks lean into canes,
and the old curtains 
with their strange geometry
of hexagons and moons
still hang, on street view.

Here's the boy from number 5 
preparing for the greatest 
wheelie in the world and 
if you zoom in hard,
the long-gone father's car
reflected in the windows
is discernable.

These are the fickle maps 
that you can visit,
pivoting with a few clicks 
to simulate a walkthrough
viewing dead end streets 
comprising loss and pixel;
where the past lives on

suspended in a moment
like those guppies
I pretended to set free
in the canal, and searched 
with you till winter's end - 
a hint of burnished spine 
or fluttering fin

that carry on and 
are not there for you;
the dark reproachful eye
orbiting slowly into view.


2 thoughts on “Street view

  1. Hi Katerina

    Street View is really an excellent show of your talent, & one for the book.

    My internal pedant is whispering that he doesn’t like “comprised OF” – prefers “comprising” – but what does he know?

    Xx c

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