Echo – published in Sledgehammer

Because I took the form
of any that possessed me,
just as water does – in river/ girl,
vase/ daughter, sea/ woman;
and to be whatever I reflect,
learning to hide and give.
But I am more than
broken reeds and silt,
more than the sticklebacks
that dwell in summer’s pools
of copper sun. Give me
a name that sets me free
as we walk round the pond
my words, dredged out of mud
are rusty parts – corrupted, obsolete.
Look how the dying light cuts
golden shapes into the rising mist,
of weary gulls in flight.

Places of Poetry anthology

I’m thrilled to announce The Places of Poetry anthology, edited by Andrew McRae and Paul Farley will be launched on 1st October, National Poetry Day 2020.

My poem Crows was inspired by Haslam Park in Lancashire; and by my experiences of otherness and of somehow not belonging. This is why for me at least, it is especially meaningful to have been invited to participate in this wonderful project and event.

I hope you join us for the launch, tickets are free – see you there!

The Myth of Time in Utopia – pub. in The Utopia Project Issue One

Flowers are the sexual organs
of 360, 000 species of plants
you read, and went outside
with torch and table salt;
to hunt pale slugs that hide
in velvet beds of sky-at-nights.

The proper name for one
that is intersexed and so
needs nothing, is ‘perfect’,
you whispered in the dark;
as night creatures laboured
and flies rested undisturbed.

Finally, you went to bed
– a thin veil of salt dust
masking the acrid musk
of your untouchable skin –
between a spike in the wind
and spit of cuckoo pint.