Necromancy – open mic performance

Here is a video clip from the open mic at Preston’s Market Street Social bar in Preston, when Laura Taylor performed some new poetry, on August 17th 2021. Thanks to Garry Cook, who organised and filmed the event; and who very generously shared this footage of me reading my poem Necromancy.


My first open mic since the pandemic!
Video Still by Garry Cook

Yesterday I went to see the punk poet Laura Taylor at Market Street Social, in Preston. She performed some of her stunning work, including pieces from her new book “Speaking In Tongues.” I particularly enjoyed the more nuanced poems, such as “Senescence” and one about her childhood. There was an open mic before and after her performance, so I read my poem Necromancy. Thanks to Laura Taylor for giving poets a chance to share their work, and thanks to organiser, Garry Cook.


You send him urgent texts
but he no longer tolerates
your soup, solicitude
and homilies on fatherhood;
the man you wanted him to be
is gone, another fills his shoes.

As above, so below -
reflect on this
then wield your will;
harness the stars
and your inner hell,
from its event horizon.

One night when you're in bed
he'll rock up at your door
with a girl half his age
a wired grin and a lump of hash
he swears is an eighth,
asking for some extra cash.

He's left the engine running
and distorted bass
is waking half the street:
death has reworked your beloved.
Too late you recall the warning,
not to bring him back.

First published by Outlaw Poetry
and in Wish (Maytree Press).

Crows video

Here is a new recording of a poem that first appeared in OWP Issue 57. It is called ‘Crows’ and in my collection ‘Wish’ (Maytree Press 2019). It will also be published in the forthcoming Places Of Poetry anthology. Hope you enjoy it, all feedback welcome!

Damson Poets open mic

My performance of the poems, ‘Snow Globe’ and ‘Crows’ at Damson Poets’ open mic, in February 2020. Thanks to Christine Burke and Damson Poets, as well as to the kind poets who gave up a few minutes of their allocated time, to let me read. The sound is not great, but I am grateful to my friend for recording my performance with their smart phone and cleaning it up so I can be heard.