I pick a path by grey-light
to grave 8 at Vedbaek
on the moon’s far plateaus,
among its arid lakes
and crumbling catacombs.

Here is the Mesolithic
mother laid to rest
six thousand years ago,
cradling a child with
two knives by its side

borne with a final blessing
on a swan’s great wing –
to reach eternal Spring.

mother maiden crone anthology pic
An earlier version Published in ‘Maiden Mother Crone’ an Anthology edited by Katie Metcalfe, Slice Of The Moon Press (2020)

Mother Maiden Crone – Edited by K Metcalfe Anthology

Thanks to Katie Metcalfe and Slice Of The Moon Press, for publishing four of my poems in this inspiring anthology, “for the witches that were, the witches that are, and the witches to come”

mother maiden crone anthology pic